Alex Motta: Drums


Born in 1985, I started playing drums at 5, inspired by rock'n'roll vinyl and cassettes owned by my parents.


My very first approach with the drums was a kit made by my grandfather consisting of pots and buckets, played with chinese restaurants sticks. Then at 11 years old I received my very first drum kit to start studying in a professional way with my teachers.


Since then, I developed my drumming skills studying and listening to tons of rock and jazz drummers such as John Bonham, Alex Van Halen, Keith Moon, Cozy Powell, Philly Joe Jones, Buddy Rich... and many many others, trying to mix power, groove and musicality over my style.


In 2008, I achieved a music diploma with Italian renowned drummer Tullio De Piscopo at Nam school in Milan.


My first band experience in Italy started in 1999 when I was 14 years old, with a rock band called HeadOrCross, playing gigs close to Milan, and continued through the years in studio and live rock'n'roll projects with bands such as Why Out and On-Off, playing over Europe.

In 2013,


I joined my first live professional experience with my great friend Jgor Gianola in his band Alto Voltaggio.


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